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Suchat Jangtanong, a third-generation knifemaker, has been making knives since 1982 and is located in the Uthai Thani Province of Thailand. He is highly regarded in Europe and Asia and is now gaining substantial recognition here in the U.S.  All of his knives are gorgeously-crafted by hand and are artfully intertwined with the finest materials, gems and steels available. 
Suchat collaborates on his work with Marcus (a knife-loving Buddhist monk), his sister Thita and her husband Krit who work on design and logistics. Engraving using 24kt gold is done by either Lorenzo Gamba or Ton Ayoda. All knives are handmade using the most basic tools. 
Suchat Jangatong has received effusive praise in the Blade Forum, BLADE Magazine and by other influential knife makers. Pictures of their knife making process, using only the most basic tools can be found on our media page. 
Suchat received rave reviews in the August 2012 issue of Blade Magazine, the article "The Fixed Blade That Folds" pictured a mosaic and mastodon ivory balisong by Suchat on the inside cover and on page 56. The article stated: "Balisongs range from the Spartan to the sublime. An example of the latter is the model by Suchat Jangtanong." Then, in the November 2012 issue of BLADE Suchat was featured in the Knifemaker's Showcase. In the March/April 2014 issue of Knives Illustrated in the article "Collector Must-Haves" Suchat's knife the Fantasy Dream was featured as the Centerfold in the magazine.
More recently, many renowned purveyors, Paul Shindler of Knife Legends, Don Guild of Guild Knives, Walter Hoffman of Hoffman Knives, Grazayna Shaw of Quintessential Cutlery  and Carlos Lopez of Knife Treasures have purchased Suchat's work. 
Suchat is now a Probationary Member of the American Knifemaker's Guild and a member of the Canadian Knifemaker's Guild. Wolfgang Loercher, President of the Canadian Guild examined Suchat's work at the American Guild Show and made a personal exception by making Suchat a member of the Canadian Guild. Suchat will have his knives on display at the 2014 Canadian Show which will only have 50 tables with invited makers from around the world.